Cameron's Website

Game One

My first game, this game still doesn't have a title, and it probably never will. A very simple game, where all you do is move with WASD and collect money while avoiding the fire. For anyone looking into the source code, I warn you, it is an old program I made and also a mess. Good luck!

Overwatch Hero Randomizer

A fun game, Overwatch is well worth the $40 it costs. One of my favorite games, a fun thing to do in quickplay is have a randomizer choose your hero for you. This randomizer has five catagories: All, Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. I will also try to keep it updated with the newest heroes. Currently, the newest it supports is Orisa. Please, though, for the sake of your team, do not use this in competitive.

Base Converter

Ever wanted to convert between different bases on your TI Calculator? Maybe not, but now you can with ease! Just run this, input the From Base, To Base, and Number to convert and it will convert from one base to another.

Quadratic Solver

Whether you're in a Math class or you're some nerd that uses quadratics daily, this program will surely help you. You input the a, b, and c values from standard notation, and in a second the calculator will tell you the vertex form, both of the X intercepts, the vertex, and the range.

Piecewise Grapher

Do you need to graph some Piecewise functions? Because if so, this programs will make it nice and simple. Input as many functions and If statements as you need, and you are good to go!

Basic Trig

This program will allow you to input any two of the opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse, or angle, and it will output the opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse, angle, sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent, all in simplest radical form.

Radical Simplifier

Input any radical and this program will put it in simplest radical form.

Decimal to Radical Converter

Input a decimal number and get the same number in simplest radical form. Will work with fractional coefficients as well.