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  • Blender Recommendations
    February 2, 2021

    Recently I have tested many blenders to determine which blender was the best suited for my kitchen. In this process, I tested many models from different brands, including: Hamilton Beach.

    My methodologies for testing included asking Tara.

    The results were actually quite surprising: The Hamilton Beach blender won! Definitely my top recommendation. Works great for all my pasta needs!

  • Enjoy this Website
    "March 27, 2017"

    Please enjoy this website. This is not a request, this is an order. Consequences will be given to those who disobey. Good luck.

  • The future of this website
    July 28, 2018

    After ignoring this website for over a year (aside from occasionaly adding programs and tools), I have decided to start doing some reworking on this website. Firstly, I have noticed some overheating issues on the current server, which I'm working to fix with a new one. Secondly, I plan to redesign the website as I now have (slightly) more experience with building websites. Hope to see all three of my one-time viewers in the past year return!

  • Launch of this website!
    March 27, 2017

    Welcome, to my new website. I built this website, and plan to use this website to post my programs on, which are mainly Java. I will include all source code, and you may modify it as you wish, but please do not redistribute my work without permission.

    This website still does not have a domain unfortunately, as I am too cheap to get one. Maybe, I will add ads to the website to help pay for a domain, but I promise they wont be obtrusive. As I have recently learned basic HTML and CSS, I made this website my self. I will eventually configure an email server with which people can mail suggestions for programs or this website to, but until then I have no way of contact.

    Please, enjoy the website.